Driving Agility

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

1:00pm CT / 2:00pm ET


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Driving Agility

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Learn how routine, systems, and established patterns get in the way of new solutions and innovation. This webinar is about breaking that routine and introducing a thinking process designed to help people come up with fresh ideas. 

Discover how this thinking process enables your team and organization to steer toward opportunities and away from the threats that a changing and dynamic marketplace brings.

Every great idea begins in the moment. All “moments” are characterized by the space between the stimulus and the response. It is in this space that we believe great things happen: an opportunity to create.

Learning to channel the incredible possibilities in each moment is what separates good organizations from great organizations.

In this webinar, Global Workforce Innovator Laura Goodrich provides the roadmap for you, your organization, and your team members to rewire old habits of thinking and develop a new thinking process primed for innovation and success. You’ll understand that for each moment, there lies a whole new world of exciting opportunities.

Are you and your organization ready to take hold of the moment?

  • Learn how to challenge knee-jerk reactions and legacy thinking.
  • Learn the power of challenging the status quo by asking a question.
  • Learn about the Drivers of Innovation.
  • Explore the inside influences at your work.
  • Learn about the three R’s to find new solutions to old programs.
  • Learn how to pull it all together and use a thinking process for driving agility and innovation in your work.

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Laura Goodrich

Keynote Speaker, Author


Laura Goodrich is an internationally recognized expert in change and the future of work. She has spent twenty years as an innovator, speaker, coach, and adviser. Her global perspectives on workplace dynamics and change have earned her the reputation as someone who can create positive outcomes in even the most challenging workplace dynamics.

Katie Miller

Marketing Specialist


As a Marketing Specialist with BizLibrary, Katie helps facilitate and create educational and engaging webinars geared towards Human Resources and Learning and Development professionals. She conducts research and works with subject matter experts to ensure the BizLibrary audience is receiving the most relevant and up-to-date content possible.


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