Retaining Top Notch Employees In a Hot Job Market

Wednesday, September 11th, 2018

1:00pm CT / 2:00pm ET


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Retaining Top Notch Employees In a Hot Job Market


In today’s highly competitive job market, keeping employees — especially those with in-demand skills — at your organization is harder than ever. According to Gallup’s latest survey, 51 percent of workers in the U.S. are open to new opportunities. Out of those people, about a third are doing so in order to find growth and promotion opportunities, and just under a quarter say they intend to leave in order to increase their compensation.

By creating opportunities for employees to learn and grow, and paying them appropriately for their skills and experiences, you’ll ensure your best employees have a long, satisfactory tenure at your organization.

Join BizLibrary and PayScale, the respective market leaders in Online Learning and Compensation Management software, for a webinar on how you can retain employees and keep them motivated. In this webinar, we will discuss:

  • New research on why employees look for new jobs
  • How to set the right expectations with employees from the get-go around pay, performance and career trajectory
  • How to create a comp plan that incentivizes high performance and mitigates flight risks
  • Creating an org-wide learning and development strategy that keeps employees engaged

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Libby Mullen

Learning & Development Manager


Libby has just been recently been promoted to the Learning & Development Manager at BizLibrary; her favorite aspect of her role is developing employees to realize their maximum potential. Libby has over 25 years of experience in Education, Training, and Business Consultation, both in the Higher Education realm and in all verticals of the Business Sector. Building positive partnerships, solving business challenges creatively, and bringing out and developing the strengths in others are what makes Libby “tick.” Libby is a fervent writer, an experienced public speaker and is most passionate about the importance of life-long learning in helping employees to take initiative to become “Smarter Every Day.” At home, Libby has 5 boys (ages 11-20).​

Camie Bailey

Implementation Manager


Camie Bailey, M.S., is an Implementation Manager at PayScale. She has led hundreds of organizations through implementing PayScale's Insight, Insight Lab, and Team products over the last four years. She is passionate about increasing communication at all levels of an organization using compensation software as a catalyst and she specializes in helping HR professionals navigate their PayScale resources.


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